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It is not the price but the result of the massage , if we need some extra time to solf your problem we don´t race the price , we like to see a happy face.

Strong Thai , Nuad Thai Boran style €60 for 60 min , for 2 pers €100

Pola and Mint

Bua Thai massage

€60 for 60 min , 2 pers €100

Master class massage with Mint or Pola doing Nuad Thai Boran is a feeling you never forget , no pain no gain.

Nak soft Thai massage

Relaxing massage with me 60 min is no regrets after.
Nak and Pola

Pola and Nak 4 hands massage 60 min

Dubbel hands , innovation on top , the first pair make´s it solid and soft , the second pair is strong and deep.

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