The price is irrefutable proof of quality that is also tangible and visible with Aranya and her team, cheap is expensive price comparison is good but considering quality and being sure of a top Thai massage we at Aranya Thai massage and Bua Thai are at the right place.

Thai massage

All prices are based on 30-60-90 min . The price for 30 min €35 / 60 min €60 / 90 min €80

Couples massage

We massage you in the same room at the same time 2 pers 60 min €100 the massage you prefer


10 x 60 min €450 / save €150 / friends, family can use and is valid for 1 year. pay €45 instead of €60

Strong Thai massage

full body massage

Relax massage

Thai leg massage

Thai back massage

Hot oil massage

Swedish massage

Reflexologie massage

4 hands massage