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Aranya Thai massage Tenerife

Say that you are better than Aranya asian Thai massage on Las Americas and Costa Adeje Tenerife and be the best salon is an endorsement that you can only find in your reviews of tripadvisor, we say that we are praising us from other salons in Tenerife because we give a treatment that is totally different from a regular massage,normale is feet , relax ,deep tissue , full body ,head and neck massage etc.

You are welcome to express your interest but we’ll always have a short interview to diagnose and decide what’s the best possible Thai massage for your particular situation or injury , we do different massages like deep tissue massage , leg massage ,  back massage  relax massage , total body massage , foot massage , etc.The Benefits of Massage , Massage  and Reflexology can help the body and mind to heal from many illnesses and conditions including: Muscular pain in the back, neck and shoulders, stiff and painful joints, stress, depression, digestive problems, chronic fatigue and insomnia , spiritual healing massage. 

Deep tissue massage

We do  Nuad Thai Boran feels like Yoga

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