Thai massage Costa Adeje is specialized in many styles traditional like relax yoga massage all the way to realistic strong and soft luxury treatment everything in-between, still the best in the day spa, you need when You’re feeling stressed. … You’re getting headaches. … You’re sedentary for most of the day. … You have poor posture. … You’re in pain or don’t have a full range of motion. … You’re training or just started working out. … and sleeping!!

Thai massage
Costa Adeje


Tenerife Thai massage

Aranya on Tenerife sinds 2016

Your skin is the mirror of your massage health and you must take good care of it. Thai treatment improves the flexibility and the circulation of all cells and fibers, the benefits are reducing headache intensity, lower stress, helps after stroke, better sleep and relaxation, improved digestion and calm mind or increased mindfulness

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Special Methods

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Our Specialties

Aranya bring Nuad Thai Boran that is the specialtie from the house that you only will find by us it is a combination between yoga and the strenght of deep tisseu with bending and stretching, you will born again

Thai massage
sinds 2016
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