F. A.Q

.Most frequently questions and answers.

Aranya Thai and Bua Thai massage no have erotic or sexuel handlings

You can book 24 hours a day by mail and whatsapp we contact you so quick as possiblepay 

Payments you can do with credit card or cash

We have disposel unisex G-strings to wear , no naked

You need to cancel your appointment 12 hours before otherwise we will charge you

Responsibility of Aranya Thai and Bua Thai massage Tenerife products. The execution of the contract in its entirety with the risk and responsibility of the client. Aranya Thai massage is never responsible for indirect damages including at least loss or damage material. All treatments offered by the Thai massage for relaxation and peace are not medical treatments, the masseuse is not responsible for any effect side effects and or after the massage . In addition , the masseuse is not responsible for injuries or other damages during the treatment or the consequences derived from the treatment. There are no symptoms , injuries or conditions specified by the client to actually require a doctor. Aranya is not responsible for loss , damage or theft to your personal belongings of any kind. Aranya Thai massage have to be assumed by the client provided false and incomplete data unless this inaccuracy or incomplete character Aranya Thai massage known.If the client hase allergie for certain massage oils Aranya Thai massage have to be disclosed by the client.